My first memory of sewing

I tend to feel that from day one I was meant to sew, or at the very least construct things in some form.  One of my favourite memories is actually of the first time I attempted to, lets say, construct a garment (of sorts) & strangely enough it involved me trying to recreate an historical garment.  

This first memory I blame completely and utterly on my father.  His favourite film of all time was Gone With The Wind.  Dad was born in 1931 and GWTW was released in Australia in 1940 (1939 in the US) so He was only a small boy when he first saw the film and it absolutely captured his imagination.  So just like my Dad as soon as I was old enough to sit through this epic that's what we did, many times!  I became utterly obsessed by Scarlet O'Hara, I wanted to be her, I practiced the southern accent and that famous eyebrow raise in the mirror until I had it perfected.  But something was missing? I needed the huge Antebellum skirts to complete the picture!

So at the tender age of 9 or 10 I start searching through the house, working out how to construct a crinoline cage and skirt.  I decide to use wire coat hangers, pulled apart, taped together and shaped into hoops of differing sizes.  I then use my grandmothers wool to string each hoop together and attach to a belt.  Perfect! But what to use for a skirt?  In what I thought was an absolute brainwave I decide to use my Grandmothers good white cotton bed sheets, tucked into the belt of the mock crinoline cage.  Needless to say when Nan found me in the back yard carrying on like the 'Southern Bell' I was sure I was meant to be, trailing her good sheets through the dirt... um... well... clearly, unlike Rhett Butler, Nan did "give a damn"!

Thankfully this small glitch didn't dampen my enthusiasm for historical costume and style!  If anything it probably prompted me to learn more!


It still remains one of my favourites! And I still love using Scarlet's single eyebrow raise, always a winner!

Just glorious... not to mention those perfect eyebrows!

Just glorious... not to mention those perfect eyebrows!