'Dress a Day' challenge update

Firstly I think I need to rename this challenge 'Design a Day' as technically I'm not making dresses, but never mind.  So where am I up to you may ask... On track would be the official answer, Monday I completed the 1920's tabard styled blouse & today it was the 1930's blouse.

1920's blouse on the left & 30's on the right

You may also ask why they're on mannequins and not on me yet, this is because there are a few design elements I haven't quite decided on yet, e.g. with the 1920's blouse I am thinking that I'll slash the neck opening further & put a keyhole opening in the back, also I have the troubling issue of having found vintage buttons that would look perfect on the side opening however they are 1940's buttons! The little OCD fairy sitting on my shoulder keeps saying "you can't they are from the wrong era!!".  While this is really no great disaster it is one of those little things that I get thingy about, I like authenticity... I can't help it!

1920's tabard style blouse with set-in batwing sleeves


For the 1930's blouse I need to decide how I want to finish the neckline and collar, how far down the neckline should come and how thin I want the collar to be.  Thankfully I found the perfect buttons from the right era so no need to worry about that!

1930's blouse... neckline and collar... what to do?

This is probably one of the elements of design that I love best, taking time to stand back and 'live' with a design for a day to help the final decision making process.  That being said, I also love other people getting involved so I'd love to hear your ideas, if you have a suggestion feel free to leave a comment here.

But for right now I need to go and ponder the designs so best I get back to work!

Tomorrow will be the 1940's blouse

Oh, I forgot, the buttons... so perfect!

From top - 1930's lucite, an orangey red which will work perfectly on the 30's blouse.  The black faceted glass buttons could be anything from 1920's onwards, it's hard for me to date as I'm not an expert in buttons, but I know someone who is, I might have to ask! My favourites are the 1940's carved buttons at the bottom, like little lady bugs!

See you soon!

1940's buttons on a 20's blouse... can I do it?