A dress a day...

As my holidays draw to a close and the new working year looms large my mind turns to that age old dilemma... 'What ever will I wear'. I know that if I went shopping I would probably find adequate corporate attire, however the question is, is that what I want? It's what I have always done but I guess I'm bored with it so I have decided I want to go back to work with a new vintage inspired wardrobe, something that represents what InVintaged is all about, infusing my current style options with a little touch of vintage inspiration!

Therefore, with one week to go before I'm back at work, I have decided to set myself a little challenge for the upcoming week (I love a physical challenge) and that is to make a work worthy outfit each day. It's perfect really, my 5 favourite eras in 5 days means I will go back to work with a different era for each day of the week!

The designs I have been working on for my little corporate project:

Wendy Ratcliffe