The 1920's

Such a glorious era, so much change, so much growth! The Jazz era, a time of both evolution & revolution, evolution of the female form and the revolt against the Edwardian view of women. Femininity mixed with just the right amount of boyish hutzpah! For the first time woman could come out from the shadows of the previously cloistered female society that used to spend its time sitting by the fire, embroidery frames in hand, politely passing their time with snippets of gossip while their men folk could do just about anything, including visit brothels, which was a excepted pastime for the Victorian & Edwardian gentleman. This was a time when it was the woman who could do more & more importantly get away with more!

It's quite funny when one thinks that it was only 1965 when the world (or at least Australia) was 'shocked' by Jean Shrimpton's minidress, which actually only just rose above her knee, however we seem to forget that in the 20's women suddenly went from floor or ankle length dresses and corsets to knee length & binding (or nothing at all for the more game amongst them!). I can't help but think that the 20's & the dramatic changes wrought by that era was far more scandalous.

1965 versus 1925!

But we shall continue to chat about this glorious era as I am currently costuming a production of a Jazz musical called 'The Wkd Party' and so I will be inspired to research, contemplate and discuss this glorious era further.

Stay tuned